Toki Ozaki / Lives and Works in New York City
Ozaki's work includes video (images and sounds), ceramics, and textiles. Beginning with a study of the yarn dyeing and weaving techniques, her clay work also has elements of contrast to computer-generated video work (images and sounds), both of which also offer viewers an insight into her personal life and experiences. There are commonalities that provide insight into It can extend to the symbolic message and satirical nature of nature and society surrounding her imaginative present in my narrative work.  
Sometimes she uses pop songs or her own poetry or diary pages to define a cultural starting point for interpreting my work. "Songs are like air. They float in the atmosphere, circle around and never disappear. As a symbolic system, music provides a perfect ambiguity through which ideas are filtered. Lyrics often provide a sense of humanity. They relate stories about love, life's struggles, and daily events."

Performances: Jack Tilton Gallery, AIR Gallery, Gallery 128 (collaboration with Kazuko
 and Gerald Jackson). Music: Knitting Factory; radio in the UK, Denmark,
Austria and WFMU. She performed in a US Verizon commercial and a Hawaii TV song.
Her visual works have been exhibited at Gallery 128, Parker's Box, Rush Art, and more.
Press: Detroit, MI, published in North Adams Transcript, MA. Interviewed at WBAI, and
More. Her work is collection of Sol LeWitt, Judy Pfaff, Ultan Guilfoyle, Joseph Masheck and more

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