Toki Ozaki 
" I am listening"
May 5th  - June 3rd, 2023
Gallery Riviere is pleased to present Toki Ozaki's first solo show in Japan, "I am listening". Ozaki's exhibition consists of videos, ceramics and drawings. 
The exhibition of the work of Toki Ozaki looks fantastic. The diversity of the art works in the show is an impressive achievement for a single artist. It is hard to believe that Toki Ozaki has not had a large space to display all of her art work before this exhibition.  The public is the small town of Yanagawa was impressed with the presentation of an international artist being presented at the little known gallery space.
The  modern museum in Kurume took an interest in the exhibition and we hope that they will consider a more extensive retrospective  of the artist's work in the future.

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